Who We Help

For those families without a good insurance plan the financial debt is overwhelming, and can lead to bankruptcy, depression, higher incidence of divorce, sibling apathy, and hopelessness. Nobody should have to lose everything they have to care for their sick child, but the number of families suffering this fate is growing.

Although cancer survival rates have increased, the horrors of treatment and the devastating financial toll have increased as the costs of healthcare have risen over 300% in just the past decade. Even families with health insurance find their policies have spending caps, and those caps are usually tapped out in the first round of diagnosis, treatment, and physical therapy.

All of our programs and resources are available to children suffering from cancer and their families. At NCAF's Children's Fund, we’re dedicated to making a difference, child by child, day by day. The children we support are in great need of your love, financial support and prayers.

Won’t you help us in our efforts to reach these children?