COVID-19 Advisory


Throughout the past months, COVID-19 has caused a significant disruption and required us to alter our lives in this time of stress and uncertainty.

As the pandemic expands, we are hunkering down in our homes to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this “invisible enemy.”

But as we shelter-in-place, we can’t forget the people who are more at risk than most others.

While much remains unknown about coronavirus, experts agree that cancer patients are high risk. Chemotherapy and radiation often leave a patient’s immune system severely compromised. In general people with cancer often have a higher risk of getting an infection, and these infections can be more serious than in people who do not have cancer.

This year alone, 1.8 million people will be newly diagnosed with cancer.

For those newly diagnosed, current cancer patients and their caregivers, the coronavirus has added a new level of unimaginable concern to an already unpleasant diagnosis.

And this is why we cannot stop. Cancer hasn’t stopped. Cancer patients still need us. And they still need you.

Your donation will help us provide financial support to these families to help pay bills, purchase food and needed medicines.

Please give generously, if you can, but any assistance you can give will be helpful and appreciated to help us continue providing crucial life affirming programs to cancer patients.


There is only one way we are all going to get through this: Together. And with your support we will.

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