September is National Childhood Cancer and Prostate Cancer Month

With many forms of cancer out there, it is common that awareness months are often shared between types. September is a big month for Cancer Awareness. It is a month that spreads awareness of the two most common and potentially dangerous cancers that affect many thousands of lives per year.


Prostate Cancer Awareness

September’s Prostate Cancer Awareness month is also Prostate Health Month.

In the US alone, over 160,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. While research is doing its best to steam ahead with innovative and effective new treatments, the awareness campaign alone is responsible for saving countless lives by encouraging men to seek medical help and increasing the rates of early detection.

Each year congress introduces Congressional Resolutions and the President issues a proclamation that recognizes Prostrate Cancer Awareness Month. Click here for more information about the Presidential Proclamation and Prostrate Cancer Awareness.

National Childhood Cancer Awareness

Childhood cancer awareness is an issue close to all our hearts. September also marks a time to lend our thoughts and support to the thousands of children and their families who have been affected by childhood cancer of any type.

One of the biggest obstacles faced by cancer support and treatment groups is a lack of awareness, especially regarding childhood cancer. Roughly 43 children receive a cancer diagnosis each day in the US, and currently, only 4% of National Cancer Institute funding goes to pediatric cancer.

Therefore, we all must recognize the true reality of childhood cancer, and give gratitude for the efforts and achievements of pediatric researchers so far. But the battle is far from over, and awareness is not enough.  For more information about National Childhood Cancer Awareness, or to donate or get involved, please visit our website at:

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