A Permanent Change: Considering the Far-Reaching Impacts of the Pandemic’s Aftermath

It’s becoming increasingly clear just how much our lives have been impacted by events across the world these last couple of years. From the places that we work to the houses in which we live, many of our customs have been changed beyond recognition. By understanding these changes, we can begin to process the events of the past few years and find the healthiest route forward. Read on for further explanation from The National Cancer Assistance Foundation.

Mental Health

A scientific brief by the World Health Organization (WHO) notes that anxiety and depression increased by over 25% during the first year of COVID-19. It’s unsurprising, then, that mental health services across the country have been under strain. This correlation has resulted in long-term consequences that affect every aspect of society, from the economy to the arts. Surprisingly, however, suicide rates seem to have decreased between the years 2019 and 2020.

One explanation is that, with large swathes of society forced into isolation (and with the popularization of video calling), support networks have actually increased in scale and frequency. Despite the hardships of the pandemic, many of us have found community through digital means or have enjoyed a respite from claustrophobic social scenarios that we may have previously felt more obliged to attend.

One way that many people have maintained or improved their mental and emotional health is picking up a new hobby like cycling or hiking. Another example is gardening, which provides a boost to a person’s mood for a number of reasons, including being outside and working with your hands. Watching flowers and veggies grow is a wonderful pastime. But before getting started, you should consult online resources to learn more about product reviews and expert gardening advice.

Work and Business

For many of us, this social setting was work. Whereas in 2019, we might have felt forced to spend time with a particular group of people, the pandemic opened the doors to a more flexible manner of employment. According to a PwC survey, 83% of employers believe a shift to remote working has been successful and with an accelerated transition towards digital solutions, there was a 53% increase in new business applications in the year 2021 from 2019.

If you’ve been feeling burned out by your current employment, you may decide that you’d like to launch your own venture. Forming a limited liability company (LLC) is more straightforward than ever with assistance from a formation service - the right agency can help you learn how to start an LLC in Florida, save on lawyer fees, and navigate regulations. An LLC provides tax advantages, all while reducing your personal liability.


With changes to our work practices, we’ve also seen new trends when it comes to the housing market. Without such a need to commute into metro areas, many of us are flocking to rural localities and many renters have become homebuyers in accordance with home/rental prices diverging. There are also notable trends pertaining to the types of houses in higher demand - outdoor spaces increase property values at a higher percentage than pre-pandemic, for example.

Interestingly, after a year of frenzied buying and price gains in the double digits, sales of newly built homes have dropped to the lowest level since the early days of the pandemic. If you’re looking to purchase a home before we fully see COVID-19 disappear, you’ll want to move quickly - just be certain to check on home design trends and prices to ensure the best chance of your property growing in appreciation after things have settled down.

It is difficult to overstate the profound impact that this once-in-a-generation event has had on all facets of life. What is most important is to acknowledge these consequences, both in our lives and in society at large, so that we may find ways to heal and move forward constructively whether we’re buying a new home or starting a business.

The National Cancer Assistance Foundation is a family cancer charity, and we invite you to make a tax-deductible contribution – and give the gift of hope.

By Jennifer Scott
Image by Pexels

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