Our mission is to create moments of hope and the possibilities of a wonderful future for these kids by bringing them relief in the hospital and at home.

When seriously ill kids and their families need more than medicine the families are often overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. NCAF's Children's Fund is there to relieve the strain that cancer puts on the entire family physically, mentally and financially. Fighting cancer as a child is not fair to the child or their family. That’s why NCAF's Children's Fund is devoted to making the daily lives of these special kids, and the family that loves them, a little easier.

It is difficult enough for adults to deal with the topic of cancer. Imagine a child going through the travesty of diagnosis and treatments.

We encourage you to learn more about the challenges facing the children and families we serve by visiting the link below.

What is Childhood Leukemia?
American Cancer Society definition.

Talking with your child about Cancer

When a child has cancer, every member of the family needs support. Parents often feel shocked and overwhelmed following their ...